Pharaoh Diaries The Business – Part 2

Image: Shop our new fitness affiliate partner Fitzeri on by clicking the Deals and Discount codes tab and get 50% off with your subscription. The Pharaoh Diaries podcast is back after the Christmas and New Year holiday! Our platform was not on holiday though, and has come into 2021 bearing new giftsContinue reading “Pharaoh Diaries The Business – Part 2”

2021 Planner – January Courses

Class is in session Pharaohs! I will be teaching you how to build a successful business this month, thanks to my 17 years of Sales, PR, Marketing and Hospitality experience gained within the fashion, beauty, hospitality, tech, education and medico-legal industries. Whether you want to build a successful fashion business or want to learn transferrableContinue reading “2021 Planner – January Courses”