Grammys special: Best and Worst Dressed Celebs

Welcome to another episode of the Pharaoh Diaries podcast! This week we have brought to you our best and worst dressed list from the Grammys, as well as our favourite performances and the controversies that hit the headlines in relation to this year’s show. For this podcast we do just have the Youtube visual, soContinue reading “Grammys special: Best and Worst Dressed Celebs”

Our Top 10 Culturally Impactful Artists of 2020

Welcome to all our new listeners on Spotify! This episode is our first official transmission on Spotify and to celebrate we are discussing our top 10 culturally impactful musicians of 2020, which mirrors Spotify’s release of the most streamed artists of 2020. Let me know if you agree with our list in the comments below!Continue reading “Our Top 10 Culturally Impactful Artists of 2020”

Tune in to our Podcast on Stationhead

We are back on Stationhead after our podcasting rebrand on a new day and time. Catch us every Saturday at 10pm on the Stationhead app. To listen, you must download the app (compatible to IOS only) and follow Pharaoh Diaries. Don’t forget to set your notifications. Tomorrow’s radio show will focus on Music Trends: TheContinue reading “Tune in to our Podcast on Stationhead”