Tune in to our podcast on Stationhead every Saturday night at 10pm

Tonight we will be discussing celebrity fashion collaborations and if they are really worth their salt in the fashion game. We will also be discussing our very own fashion collaborations that have launched on Pharaoh Diaries this week. Tune in by downloading the Stationhead app (compatible with IOS only at the moment) and follow PharaohContinue reading “Tune in to our podcast on Stationhead every Saturday night at 10pm”

Tune in to our Podcast on Stationhead

We are back on Stationhead after our podcasting rebrand on a new day and time. Catch us every Saturday at 10pm on the Stationhead app. To listen, you must download the app (compatible to IOS only) and follow Pharaoh Diaries. Don’t forget to set your notifications. Tomorrow’s radio show will focus on Music Trends: TheContinue reading “Tune in to our Podcast on Stationhead”

Say Hello to our new tech partner!

We have a new technology partner on board, this collaboration will launch on pharaohdiaries.com on the 19th of November and you will be able to get 50% off with your Pharaoh Diaries subscription! This brand sells Selfie Ring Lights, Phone stands, Smart watches, AirPods, Speakers and much more and will be helping me get moreContinue reading “Say Hello to our new tech partner!”

Pharaoh Diaries’ first podcast – The launch of Pharaoh Diaries

Our first podcast on Stationhead was a smash, listen to it by clicking here. You will need to have downloaded the Stationhead app which is suitable for IOS only at the moment, not Android. The next podcast will be in 2 weeks time and will be called ‘Music trends – The New age’. Make sureContinue reading “Pharaoh Diaries’ first podcast – The launch of Pharaoh Diaries”

Join us on Stationhead this Friday at 8pm UK time

We will be on Stationhead this Friday October 2nd at 8pm UK time for our first podcast! We will be discussing the launch of Pharaoh Diaries and the hottest happenings within fashion, music and the arts this week. Download the Stationhead app (it’s only compatible with IOS at the moment) and follow Pharaoh Diaries. SetContinue reading “Join us on Stationhead this Friday at 8pm UK time”