Pharaoh Diaries is created by me – Owanate Briggs

I worked in fashion and beauty for 8 years within Sales, PR and Marketing for brands such as Armani Exchange, Diesel, Arcadia, Banana Republic, DKNY Jeans, Professional Beauty Magazine and New Look. I also have 9 years of Sales, PR and Marketing experience gained within the hospitality, tech, education and medico-legal industries. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Biology. I have been blogging and writing since I was a teen, writing short stories and poems and creating fashion blogs as part of my many hobbies which also included playing the piano, acting and dance.

I created this platform for arts enthusiasts who are bored of gossip culture, and the other minutiae we are fed everyday. Here we can discuss truly intellectual topics within the arts. I create 10+ articles every month (our month runs from the 24th to the 24th) on fashion, beauty, luxury lifestyle, music, literature, cuisine and interiors – as well as sharing my knowledge based on my extensive industry experience combined from the various brands and sectors mentioned above. Finally, I also provide our subscribers with exclusive offers and discounts with fashion, beauty, homeware, lifestyle and technology brands from all over the world thanks to our affiliate partnerships, and curated shopping sent straight to your inbox. Enjoy this inspiring content by subscribing for just £5.00/month, £9.99/month, or you can save with annual subscription, £100/year.

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